Blinded By The Light: Mixing Business with Passion

Jessica Bird is a 2018 Tribe 12 Fellow and founder of third-generation window treatment business, 3rdGenBlinds. She is a fun-loving entrepreneur with a dedication and passion toward her family and career. You can read more about her here


I’m a creative soul by nature. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or designing on the computer, being creative runs in my blood. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and love anything and everything creative and design-worthy.

When the opportunity to be a part of Tribe 12 arose, I jumped in with both feet! Without hesitation, I knew that I could help others by bringing creative ideas to life, and I know that there is much I can learn from the business expertise and knowledge of others.

I recently (July 2016) started a business: 3rdGenBlinds. Having grown up in the “business” I was well versed on the products, the benefits, and just how crucial window treatments are in the home. Not wanting to put my graphic design skills on the back burner, I made sure that I would be able to design each creative piece that this business uses. From the logo and business cards to our website and direct mail marketing campaign, I have had a hand (literally) in every piece of the creative and business process!

Window treatments were never my passion… until now. They were my father (and grandfather’s) business. It was not initially my desire, until I got myself into debt in the business that was my passion – designing wedding stationery. It was then that I realized that I needed something more. Something that I would enjoy AND that would help provide for my family. When I jumped into this business, I discovered my passion for it. I learned that I could provide people with design aesthetics and great style while staying true to my creativity and design background.


Jess, holding her daughter, poses with her husband for a picture
Jess and her family sporting 3rdGenBlinds swag!


As part of the Tribe 12 Fellowship, I am able to continue exploring my creativity while working with coaches, peers, and mentors to expand my business mindset. In just the first 12 weeks, I have already acquired the proper tools to take the next steps in creating our business model, learning how to stand out within this industry, and to grow as a woman in a male-dominated field.

Tribe 12 has helped me create a vision for this business, find my balance, and expand on my desire for social change in an industry that lends itself to be a for-profit business only. I have partnered with our very first non-profit (hopefully of many to come) and we are eager to build our network with more non-profits in the near future.

Transforming from an employee (before getting laid off just 2 months before getting married in 2012) to a business owner of a business that was, at the time, a huge failure, I am eternally grateful for the sense of persistence and graceful presence that I was given in order to pick up the pieces from broken business models and transform them into a successful business that not only gives me creative freedom but also allows me to put food on the table.

Never give up on your dreams!


Jess, Owner of 3rdGenBlinds


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