Care During Corona

Social distancing and self-quarantining are new phrases to a lot of us, and this feels unprecedented. Tribe 12 –– among many of you –– are working remotely, so we’re all adjusting to a new reality for the next month or so.

Regardless of your situation, self-care is more important than ever! In Judaism, Shabbat can be lighting candles and turning off your computer, but it can be any activity that forces you to be present (check out this great guide from Hey Alma)!

Here are some of the ways we’re being kind to ourselves. Reach out, and let us know what you’re doing!

Keep active
One of the hardest things about being at home all the time is being at home all the time. It’s easy to slip into a routine of sitting on the couch to watch TV or lounging on your laptop all day. The CDC recommends keeping a distance of six feet from other people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside and take a walk. Personally, I throw on some headphones and listen to a podcast while wandering my now-emptier neighborhood. If going outside isn’t an option, or you don’t want to interact with possibly infected people, many gyms and fitness centers are live-streaming workouts for free! Planet Fitness is doing this daily!

Go on virtual dates
If you have a smartphone or access to a Facebook account, video chatting with friends and family is easier than ever. When you’re in an isolating situation like COVID-19, it’s amazing what a little chit-chatting can do. I’m lucky to have four roommates, so I have people I can still see and interact with every day. If you have a friend you’re thinking of, let them know it! If you know someone immunocompromised or at high risk, give them a call! It’s so easy to put the onus on others and wait for calls to come in. Trust me; taking that first step is beneficial for everyone.

If you read this caption and thought I meant romantic dates, that’s good too! Reach out to our matchmaker Danielle for tips. If anything, working on conversation skills now can make the eventually meet up in person ever better!

Have a routine
As I’m writing this, it’s nearly 11am; my bed isn’t made, and I haven’t showered yet. Parenting guides suggest keeping a schedule for kids, but you’re no different! Humans thrive on going through the motions and consistency –– this can explain why many of us are struggling to adjust to this social distancing.

Even if you have nowhere to be, take the time to get dressed and feel like yourself. If you always have a cup of coffee before going on a walk in the morning, keep it up! Having a sense of normalcy will keep you feeling on time of things and will lead an example to those around you.

We’re all gonna be a bit more relaxed than usual. You can accept that while not letting your typical schedule pass you by.

Help those in need
As a Jewish community, we strive to give a hand to those in need. Keep a watchful eye on older folks and ones with weakened immune systems. If you’re feeling well, go grocery shopping on someone’s behalf and help them maintain a routine.
Check on your neighbors, and share the food you stockpiled that’ll last until September 2022. In times of crisis, humans come together. No matter how dire things may feel, we persevere as a community.
Call food banks, shelters, pantries, and nonprofits that support vulnerable populations. They are overwhelmed at this point, and anything you can do is welcome. Some organizations we love and want to support are KleinLife, Mitzvah Food Program, and MANNA.

Stay safe, everyone! Take time to process, but don’t let things get in the way of your well-being and happiness. We’re here for you at Tribe 12.

Ross Weisman: Engagement Associate 



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