Umm So What is Shavuot?

1.  Shavuot is one of the three harvest festivals that Jews celebrate

2. Shavuot is exactly 7 weeks and 1 day which correlates to the 50 days in between our exodus from Egypt to receiving the 10 commandments

3. This is the holiday where the Israelites became the Jewish people and received the 10 commandments

4. When we received the ten commandments we were told that the land of Israel (where we were headed) is “a land flowing with milk and honey” that is why Jews talk nonstop about cheese, cheesecake, and all things dairy this time of year 

5. It is tradition to eat circular foods on Shavuot, for example, cheesecake, pizza, sushi, or even a galette! 

6. There are no formal ritual or ritual items for Shavuot which is why a lot of people might not have learned about it in religious school or as a child!

7. Some Jews have adopted the ritual of staying up all night studying Torah to honor Shavuot, just like the Israelites stayed up all night waiting for the 10 commandment

8. Moroccan Jews have a custom to eat a few pieces of matzah on Shavuot to close the cycle from Passover to Shavuot

9. In the Reform tradition often time 10th graders are confirming their adult commitment during Shavuot 

10. Shavuot is a holiday of celebration and joy!


Boom! You just learned about Shavuot 10 commandment style!



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