Meet Kayli!

Name: Kayli Modell

My job at Tribe 12: Community Manager

…But really, I’d describe my role as: Getting to know our constituents and creating experiences they are excited about, or connecting them to local opportunities… all while spreading the word on our platforms about Tribe 12’s current happenings!

What did you stress bake during the pandemic? Lots and lots of types of challah

Life hack: Folding all my clothes and towels Marie Kondo style

Favorite way to recharge: Spending time outside

Favorite Jewish food: Matzah ball soup and kugel 1000%

Currently bingeing… The Good Place

Restaurant I take out-of-towners to: Goldie’s… is there anything better than their tahini shakes and falafel for lunch?

Favorite mitzvah: Sharing a home cooked meal… with a friend, person in need, or just because

On a Friday night you’ll find me… Checking out a new local dinner spot with friends or enjoying a cozy Shabbat at home with a good book


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