Meet Rory Michelle!

Name: Rory Michelle Sullivan

Connection to Tribe 12: 2018 Fellow, Couples Tribe, 30s Tribe, general lover of Tribe 12!

Did you make a pandemic friend? Yes! several!

New Years resolution: Wake up at 7:00am every day again.

Life hack: Using paper I get in the mail – bills, insurance notices, etc. – as printer paper. I almost never need to buy paper.

If I didn’t live in Philly I’d live… in Vienna

Quirkiest hobby: Rearranging my room

I’m not awake until I… Write my morning pages (for you Artist Way fans out there)

Claim to fame: Can remember 10-20 names of people just introduced in a circle (immediately after hearing them, all bets are off for the next day)

On a Friday night you’ll find me… Wishing I was at a Shabbat dinner but probably just hanging at home


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