Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2014

Morgan Berman


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Coach: Shaw Levin

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
Press: Grid, Philly Inquirer, Generocity

Venture Description

A mission–driven tech company that empowers our clients to track and grow their impact. Whether you are a big corporation engaging employees in sustainability, or a nonprofit helping youth participate in cultural programming – our platform can be customized to engage individual behavior to reveal collective impact. Why? Because we believe the potential to create a better future is in all of us.

About the Founder

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Morgan is a multidisciplinary designer whose mission is to promote sustainable design and weave it into the fabric of daily life. She completed her Masters of Science in Sustainable Design at Philadelphia University, where she focused on interactive and industrial design within the broader context of sustainability. Prior to her work as a sustainability advocate and designer, she worked as a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and as an educator/advocate in women’s health.


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