Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2013

Raphael Menko


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Venture Description

My online platform Learn2Earn is a fun and interactive reading incentive platform. It tracks and motivates active reading. My site also creates online reading communities that involve students, parents, and the students’ families and friends to provide the social and instructional support and motivation for reading. My site also has a crowdfunding fundraising platform built into it so that in the case that a school or other organization wishes to use my site to do a fundraiser then schools receive money based on the number of books their students read. These fundraisers are particularly profitable because they tap into each students’ network (realistically their parents’ network) to significantly widen the net of donors.

About the Founder

I attended Jewish day schools from kindergarten to 12th grade. After high school I went to Williams College where I studied Economics, History, and Statistics, and graduated in June 2012. I decided to start Learn2Earn because I’ve always been passionate about education and reading and have always wanted to do something that positively influences a lot of lives. Now I’m excited about my company and all the different places it can go.


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