Rachel Bright, Bright Holistic Health Services

Rachel Bright, Bright Holistic Health Services

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CoachMatt Pincus
Peer: Rachel Sakofs

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Venture Description

Bright Holistic Health is a concierge holistic medicine service, where we show up at your doorstep! Our services are supremely helpful for busy individuals and those who want to implement this medicine into their lives. Why do we go through great lengths to reach you? Because we value each person and without dynamic health, you gain nothing.

About the Founder

Rachel is a one-of-a-kind alternative medicine professional. She hails from West Virginia and is currently finishing her PhD in Naturopathic Medicine, which she will receive in August 2015. Not only has she studied alternative medicine for most of her life; Rachel’s enthusiasm towards this field is shown wherever she goes, because she walks her talk.