What’s Your #TribeVibe ?

Looking for a home in Philly’s Jewish community? Our name, Tribe 12, is an homage to the twelve unique tribes who inhabited the land of ancient Israel, and by the same token we created Tribe 12 Tribes — volunteer-run communities bonded by a common interest or identity.

At Tribe 12 we truly believe there is a Jewish community for everyone. No matter the interest or affinity group, Tribe 12 Tribes provide a ton of different outlets for getting involved — and if we don’t have the community you’re seeking, we’ll help you build it! 

Take Lauren, an active member of our new Women’s Tribe. She said that she’s “been seeking a community where members can learn, exchange ideas, and support each other in a relaxing setting.” She was excited to find that at our events: “that’s exactly what I get from my Tribe!”

Right now, Tribe 12 has about a half dozen active Tribes, including an A Capella Group, Fantasy Football, Kickball, 30-Somethings, and a Women’s Tribe. These Tribes are constantly changing so there are always new events and groups popping up! Looking forward, we have volunteers ready to expand our Tribes collection to include a health-focused subgroup for our Women’s Tribe, a new 20-somethings Tribe, and a new Theater Tribe. We hope to get to 12 soon! #TribeGoals

Dave adds a sticker to the football draft board at a sports bar
Dave running the draft board at one our Fantasy Football drafts this year

Tribe 12 Tribes host events throughout the year – sometimes on a regular basis (monthly, for example) and sometimes with a bit more random scheduling. Be sure to check our community calendar, gobejewish.com, for all upcoming events, including Tribe events. Plus, you can browse our Tribes, sign up, or contact individual Tribes on our Tribes page

Our LGBTQ Tribe is currently our biggest and most active Tribe, with a bunch of different affinity groups popping up inside it! Right now, this includes a social community, a trans-rights community, and an education & volunteering community. Info about these communities and our LGBTQ Tribe in general can be found at tribe12.org/lgbtq. In fact, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s newsletter recently ran a feature on our LGBTQ Tribe!

Two young men leaning over a table with a rainbow flag on it. One is chatting and the other is adding his email to a list.
Ryan welcomes new LGBTQ Tribe members at Tribe 12’s table at Outfest earlier this month

Start Your Own Tribe!

Don’t see the perfect fit? The volunteers who run our Tribes are all graduates of the Tribe 12 Fellowship, an elite cohort of passion-driven people launching socially responsible business and projects. Through their four months in our Fellowship, some Fellows build businesses, non-profits, art installations, innovative projects… and sometimes they start Tribes!

Take Maryana and Igor, Tribe 12 regulars who didn’t feel like the happy hour scene was for them when they had a baby. They created the New Parent Tribe, a place to share Jewish experiences with other young parents.

Applications for the Tribe 12 Fellowship are open NOW through November 19th! Consider applying for the chance to build something you’re passionate about. You can learn more at tribe12.org/apply-today, and Tribe 12 staffers Rachel and Adam are always down for coffee or an after-work drink to discuss!

2017 Fellows candid laughing before their Pitch Night
Our 2017 Tribe 12 Fellows at their Pitch Night. Bring your idea to the next level and apply for our Fellowship today!



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