Twelve Great Things about Working at Tribe 12

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We’re hiring a new Engagement Associate to join our awesome team! Here are twelve reasons why you should apply…

1. You’ll never be hungry!

Hot dog from the Phillies game on Dollar Dog Night

At Tribe 12, we love eating! It’s not uncommon to have an Oreo taste test at staff meeting when a new flavor comes out, or an afternoon walk to get ice cream. That extends to work events, where it’s likely we’ll get a fully loaded staff dinner before a First Thursday Happy Hour or buy tons of tots for the table at a pop-up sips. Twelve orders of fries, please!

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2. We’re not like regular staff, we’re cool staff.

A Polaroid picture of Rachel Waxman, Rae Abramowitz, and Danielle Selber drinking champagne

Working for Tribe 12 is fun because the Tribe 12 staff is fun! It’s not uncommon to see “mandatory staff fun time” pop into your calendar or walk into the office to Michael Jackson blasting for a mid-morning dance break.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_divider _builder_version=”3.5″ show_divider=”off” /][et_pb_text admin_label=”3. Super flexible hours!” _builder_version=”3.5″]

3. Super flexible hours!

Flex-day Fridays? Unlimited vacation days? Flexible schedule that is what you make it? Ability to work from home? Count me in!

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4. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We know we’re not performing brain surgery here, and we make sure that we remember that! When we fail, we fail fast and pick ourselves back up and try again. When we succeed, we celebrate our team and work on building our next success.

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5. Drinking on the job!

A flight of Goose Island beers and a postcard for the Made in Philly Bar Crawl event for Jewish young professionals

Between bar crawls and happy hours, we don’t just allow drinking (responsibly) on the job, we encourage it! (responsibly). Some of our staff choose not to drink or live a sober lifestyle and we say three cheers to their choices too!

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6. Generous professional development opportunities

Shira Scott, Rachel Waxman, and Danielle Selber smiling together in front of the Bean in Chicago

Each Tribe 12 employee gets a hefty professional development budget to attend conferences, take classes, get certifications, or use otherwise to advance their professional careers. In the past, our staff members have gone to conferences as far as Atlanta, Chicago, LA, and Israel! We believe that when an individual grows and learns, we all do!

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7. We celebrate being weird.

Rachel Abramowitz and large silver "T" and "12" balloons

You’re weird? Us too! We love people who think out of the box, who are creative and find unique solutions to problems. Tribe 12 encourages all of our staff members to be themselves, try new things and get a little weird with it!

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8. Casual Friday every day

Rachel Abramowitz, Steven Share, Danielle Selber, Rachel Waxman, Shira Scott, and Adam Wodka pose together in Rittenhouse Square

It’s hard to have fun in a pants suit. That’s why we have a relaxed dress code that allows our staff to express themselves and be ready for any impromptu office dance sessions that may come our way.

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9. Take the wheel, matey!

At Tribe 12, not only do you get to have a hand in a whole lot of different things, but you actually get to make a difference in those things. We want you to steer the ship! It’s important to us that everyone has a say in where we’re going and how we’re getting there.

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10. Our network is freaking awesome.

Like basically everyone we work with is just super cool (think: adult summer camp). Even our vendors, photographers, fellows, volunteers and like random friends that hang around our office sometimes are cool, fun, hip and crazy unique individuals who are killin it in their professional and personal lives. #puttogethergoofballs

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11. We’re TECHnically nerds.

Someone holds a hamsa phone case up in front of a teal wall

Tribe 12 prides ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology! We love finding ways to collect and use data, automate our UX, pioneer new website functionality, and spread our mission through digital advancement.

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12. Tribe 12 is just the best!

Where else do you get all of these perks AND actually make a livable salary? I know it seems too good to be true… BUT IT’S REAL! Get a friend to slap you and then apply to be Tribe 12’s next Engagement Associate! Now! What are you doing still sitting here reading this? Go! Apply! Live your best life! We look forward to reading your application.



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