Why it is 100% Necessary “Adults” Dress up for Purim (as told by The Office)

Tribe 12 Intern, Paulina, has been ranting for weeks about how much she loves wearing costumes. So she wrote a blog about it. If you feel the same way, let us know by sending a picture of yourself in your favorite costume to @tribe12philly on Instagram!


If I’m being honest, I have never dressed up for Purim, the Jewish holiday Granted, it may be because I didn’t know you dress up for Purim until I went to college, but it’s not an excuse as to why I haven’t dressed up until this year. If you grew up in a secular Russian household like me, you might have the same experiences. Dressing up like it’s Halloween in the middle of March is weird. But so so so cool.

Here is why you should think outside the triangle and dress up for Purim as an “adult:” (Adult is in quotes because, I mean, who really is an adult…)


1. Themed parties are awesome!

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2. It’s a fun way to express yourself.

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3. You don’t need a lot of money to get complements: the best costumes are the homemade ones that you can tell someone put their all into.

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4. Its healthy to be creative and have fun in ways that have nothing to do with your job! A costume is a good way to do that. (Thanks India!!)

5. Superheroes aren’t just for kids! We all need someone to look up to.

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6. It’s a good way to increase productivity at work. Fact: employees are more motivated to do the work when they are able to wear a costume to work. (Think: Pam worked for the New York Dunder Mifflin and was the only one who dressed up. She was sad.)

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7. You can relive your childhood.

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8. If you’re nerdy, you already have a leg up (we would love to see some D&D costumes at a Purim party)

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9. It’s an easy conversation starter! Imagine walking onto the MFL and someone is dressed like Queen Esther in the middle of March. Don’t know about you, but we’ll definitely stop to ask them where the party’s at.

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10. It will allow you to show off what you love! Love Disney? You better dress up like your favorite character. Love anime? Perfect. Obsessed with your job as a microbiologist (cough cough)? Wear a lab coat.

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Don’t chicken out of wearing a costume because you’re nervous. Chances are, someone will want you to tell them more about your costume and you will make a new friend. If you have any new costume ideas for next year, tell Paulina all about them at next month’s First Thursday Happy Hour.


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