Meet Elijah!

Name: Elijah Tomaszewski

Connection to Tribe 12: 2021 Tribe 12 Fellow and LGBTQIA+ Tribe member

Favorite Mitzvah: Sippur Yetziat Mitzrayim – relating the story of Exodus during Pesach. It connects us to everyone who came before us and the ones who are yet to arrive, and calls us to take action against today’s injustices

Best dessert in Philly: Sufganiyot from Dottie’s Donuts

Highlight of my Spotify wrapped: I was in the top 0.1% of listeners for Port Arthur (a Philly band!)

Favorite Jewish food: Shakshuka, latkes, coconut matzah bark, Bissli Pizza

If I didn’t live in Philly I’d live… in Berlin!

Favorite way to recharge: Singing along to my karaoke playlist

Most awkward social interaction: I once told a customer to “have a day”

New Years resolution: Pitch my manuscript!

Life hack: Meal prepping freezer breakfast sandwiches so I can feel like a human before work in the morning

Favorite Philly Jewish thing: The South Philadelphia Shtiebel! (and the Theatre Tribe at the Philly Fringe)


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