Meet Jess!

headshot of Jess Harper Meyers, sitting in lavender dress with long dark brown hair swept over one shoulder

Name: Jess Harper Meyers

My job at Tribe 12: LGBTQIA+ Program Director (so basically I’m ✨Professionally Gay✨)

New years resolution: Cultivate more intentional community

Secret superpower: I speak four languages!

Favorite way to recharge: Driving my car with the top down on a sunny day

Highlight of my Spotify wrapped: Being in the top 0.1% of Kesha listeners… even though last year I was in her top 0.005%

Currently bingeing… The Flight Attendant

My pandemic silver lining was… spending a ton of time stargazing and learning how to identify most constellations

Favorite Jewish Food: Lox, eggs and onions


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