If you’re saying, “hey — didn’t Tribe 12 already have a big announcement this week?”, we’re so glad you’re paying attention. It’s true that the social and cultural programs which used to be called all kinds of silly names are now all under the umbrella of Tribe 12. But to keep you guessing, we have another big announcement to make!

For years, people have been asking us for a single place to find all the events, resources and organizations that serve 20s and 30s in Philly’s Jewish community — a central, comprehensive, online calendar. So… we built it!

If it relates to Jewish life and community for 20s / 30s in Philly, you’ll now be able to find it at… (drumroll please)!

Why “go be Jewish”? Think of it as something endearing your mom might say after Rosh Hashanah dinner, or something your best friend might encouragingly prod you with when you complain about online dating. We also see this calendar as a true community resource that other organizations may want to share, so a non-Tribe-12 name helps invite those organizations to share freely.

So what can you expect to find at Man, you ask good questions:


Every Jewish community event targeting those between the ages of 21-39, all in one place! Gone are the days of checking ten newsletters and Facebook pages to see what’s going on tonight (and PS: if you’re an organization that wants to feature your event on our site, simply fill out this form.)

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Find out about all upcoming events in the Philly Jewish community.


We know it can be confusing — especially for a newcomer — to sift through the alphabet soup of Jewish organizations in Philly. We compiled this simple Community Directory of every Jewish organization which focuses on 20s / 30s. Browse around for yourself, or take this silly quiz for a suggestion on where to start.

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Learn about all the Jewish organizations targeting 20s / 30s in Philly

Job Board

We started a job board a few years ago to post all the random positions that came across our desks. 15,000 views and endless success stories later, we incorporated the popular feature into! You can see local job listings here.

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Find your next gig!

Anything Else?

Down the line, we’re thinking of a furniture or car swap board, a housing board, maybe even a messaging platform! What would you want to see? Reach out to Rachel with your ideas!

Bird's eye view of a table with challah, candles, and wine on it, all ready for Shabbat
Challah at us if you’ve got suggestions

You may be wondering why Tribe 12 would invest in a calendar that may sometimes send people right out our doors. What’s in it for us?!

At Tribe 12 we know we do one thing and we do it well: help people in their 20s / 30s to find fun and fulfilling Jewish life and community in Philadelphia today so they will choose to stay connected tomorrow. In essence, community is our end goal.

Philly has a seriously vibrant Jewish community for people in their 20s / 30s and we’re absolutely certain there’s something for everyone. What we’re not afraid to admit is, that something is not always in our four walls. We see Tribe 12 as one great jumping off point to explore where one fits in our big healthy Jewish community. A success for another organization is a success for us, because it means someone found the place they truly belong. If our new community resource helps someone find that, we’ve achieved our goal!

Enough already, what are you waiting for? Go Be Jewish!


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