Rachel Abramowitz, Strategic Growth Manager

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Rachel Abramowitz, Strategic Growth Manager

(& Semi-Famous Hand Model)

Rachel grew up in Plymouth Meeting, or as most people know it “that exit on the turnpike.” After spending four years at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster PA (having to ride a horse and buggy to class every day got boring after a while), she graduated with a degree in sociology and social psychology.

After graduating, Rachel went to work for a study abroad program where she got to grow her love for travel, event planning and engagement. Having lived in Denmark and enjoyed excursions across Europe and the Middle East, as well as the Americas, Caribbean and Canada, Rachel enjoys collecting spices from her travels and sharing the local flavors with her friends and family around the Shabbos dinner table.

Having grown up with her family owning an ice cream shop and Jewish bakery, Rachel believes deeply in the idea of a second “dessert stomach” and even makes her own unique flavors of dairy free ice cream in her free time. Rachel is excited to join the Tribe 12 team and continue to contribute to the Philly Jewish scene that she loves so much!